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I am a certified practicing Evolutionary Astrologer and have been studying astrology for almost 30 years. I studied under Maurice Fernandez for four years and passed Gemini Brett’s Astronomy for Astrologers course at the top of the class.

I was introduced to astrology and metaphysics while poring over 19th and 20th century books at Bucknell University Library in my hometown of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in 1991-92. I furthered my study of astrology and metaphysics while living in Ithaca, New York, from 1994-1996, spending countless hours in the Uris and Olin libraries on the campus of Cornell University. During this period, I had the honor of witnessing comet Shoemaker Levy-9 collide with Jupiter in the company of Carl Sagan’s assistant professor in 1995.

After many years of on-and-off study, I was introduced to Maurice Fernandez and subsequently began his professional course, Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness, in 2014. Having graduated in 2017, I have been a practicing astrologer ever since, helping people understand, navigate, and manifest the potentials inherent in their natal chart. Additionally, recognizing the intrinsic value of astronomy in relation to astrology, I studied under Gemini Brett in 2020 and passed his Astronomy for Astrologers course at the top of the class.

I have also been on the board of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) since 2017 as Internal Programs Director, helping to serve the international astrology community.


I have been a meticulous editor since 2006, editing many articles and books of astrology, poetry, fiction, and interviews.

I opened a bookstore/gallery in 2006 and also started the arts & literary magazine Omphalos the same year. This led to the formation of Nine Point Publishing and my single-handedly editing, designing, and publishing 13 issues of the magazine, 10 books of poetry, a book-length interview, and a biographical fiction. These included the likes of Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead lyricist), Stanley Mouse, John Cage, Jerome Rothenberg, William Heyen, Robert Gibbons, and Jack Matthews.

I live in rural Maine with my wife, Angelina, and two children. We homestead on 11 acres of land and forest, hosting retreats, gatherings, workshops, and weddings.​


Angelina Gronlund



If you’re looking for a resumé, please let me know and I’ll be happy to email you. If you’re interested to learn about me, here it is… 


I see myself as a caring, sensitive, and compassionate person who appreciates a good plan, respect, and sustainability. I often over think, over analyze, and am ridiculously hard on myself. Commiserating with others, learning from others, sharing knowledge, opinions, ideas, and belief systems bring great joy to my soul, even if these opinions and beliefs are not agreed upon. It seems more fun when you allow an open mind to enter a room. At the same time—and sometimes to my detriment—I’m unafraid of discussing the darker and often upspoken sides of our lives. 


Exploring the wonders of physical life, as well as the esoteric, also brings me tremendous admiration for all that lives in our universe and beyond. Everyday I’m blown away with the magnitude of magnificence available to all if we just open to the endless possibilities available. 


International and local travel, cuisine, music, and culture get me excited. As well as time spent making love to my home, the fresh air of being outdoors, and the satisfaction of digging in the dirt of our multiple gardens. I’m a hard worker and have been conditioned to think physical labor is the only type of real work, and that it comes before personal needs. Thankfully, each day I’m learning to deconstruct those dogmatic beliefs and recognize that hard work comes in multiple forms, and I continue to remind myself, “You are the most important work there is to be done.”


After 30 years in hospitality I brought my work home, and now my husband and I host gatherings of up to 75 guests on our sacred land in Harrison, Maine.  I currently continue to work as an inn keeper, property manager, yoga instructor, board member for the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), and student of Evolutionary Astrology. 


My Evolutionary Astrology teacher and mentor, Maurice Fernandez, is an internationally known and respected leader who has immense knowledge and patience. Thank you, Maurice. Throughout my past six years of intense astrology studies there has been a tremendous opportunity to dive deep into my own soul and meet a family of friends from all over the world. These experiences in the astrology community led me to accept an invitation to sit on the Board of Directors beginning in June of 2018 as the Event Coordinator for the international Organization for Professional Astrology. Meaningful experiences continue with OPA—as a board of 11 and a membership of over 800 spanning the world—bringing professionalism and a greater awareness to the educational and enlightening value of astrology.



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