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The Organization for Professional Astrology

​November  10-14, 2023

In-Person in Maine, USA

A Peer Group is composed of consulting astrologers who meet in order to discuss their practice and support one another. These groups serve both the emotional and professional needs of the practicing astrologer; they create a practical foundation for an astrological community.

Through the Peer Group Work, we learn about each other's practices, share our vulnerabilities and words of wisdom, analyze each other's charts, and create a vision to enhance our practice. Three days of interactive work where professionals step down off the pedestal and meet each other.

All astrologers seeing clients need to be able to discus what goes on in their consulting room. Just talking about work with clients is therapeutic, but it is even more helpful when it happens with another practicing astrologer. A group of practicing astrologers is even better. Historically, this hasn’t happened.

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Time for Technique

Organization for Professional Astrology Virtual Conference

April 21-23, 2023

- Recordings available until October 2023 -

Last year at I-Astrologer, OPA showed you how to build your astrology practice with practical business training. This time we are taking you even further.

Twelve brilliant astrologers will bring you presentations designed to grow your technical skills and help boost your understanding of different cosmic connections.

Our goal is to create an intimate and educational space for those who love astrology to develop skills, feel supported, be inspired, and deepen their practice.

This will be a weekend filled with the nuts and bolts of astrology—fascinating technique talks for all levels from a superbly experienced faculty.



Angelina Gronlund

Gathering Specialist

Roving Souls

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