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Angelina Gronlund


I have been a star gazer from very early on. Since then, I’ve been wandering through the day and night sky with astonishment…. What does this all mean? Why does the Moon change shape? What is the Zodiac?

Little did I know at that young age there would be a literal tune-in to my personal belief of a higher power. In my mind, the Sun, Moon, and stars had to be far more powerful than anything in the world. Thus began the awareness and wonderment of my personal soul’s journey.

My silent sky conversations continued as I learned a little about astrology and the zodiac through friends or a daily newspaper horoscope. I knew I was a Capricorn but had no real idea what that actually meant. In 2014, I became certain that astrology was something I truly wanted to study, and I knew that I wanted to become an Evolutionary Astrologer. It would be a journey that would help me to help myself and others at the same time.



I have spent nearly 30 years in hospitality, including managing a hotel and restaurant in my hometown of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. This included years of event coordinating, staff management, payroll, and bartending. I have coordinated events for up to 250 people, including most recently the Organization for Professional Astrology’s (OPA) I-Astrologer event in Tucson, AZ in October 2018, as well as their online Zion Retreat in April 2020.

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