Our vision is you and me. We are all roving souls. Imagine every single thing you meet has soul. Have you ever felt something familiar like a smell, person, or place and just were not sure what or where it was coming from? Maybe that’s our soul. You know when you have those gut feelings? Could that be our soul talking? So, to us, we are all roving souls just trying to be one human in an ever-expanding universe.



Geoff Gronlund

I am a certified practicing Evolutionary Astrologer and have been studying astrology for almost 30 years. I studied under Maurice Fernandez for four years and passed Gemini Brett’s Astronomy for Astrologers course through OPA in 2020.

I have been on the board of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) since 2017 as Outreach and Internal Programs Director, helping to serve the international astrology community.

I live in rural Maine with my wife, Angelina, and two children. We homestead on 11 acres of fields, gardens, and forest.

Angelina Gronlund

Throughout my years of intense astrology studies there has been a tremendous opportunity to dive deep into my own soul and meet a family of friends from all over the world.

I see myself as a caring, sensitive, and compassionate person who appreciates a good plan.


After 30 years in hospitality, I brought my work home, and now I specialize in coordinating and planning destination events and workshops for astrologers and the astrology community all around the world.



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