Breath and body movement for all ages with Angelina Gronlund


This is an invitation for you to join me for some breath and body work. A little offering to share in time and space for nurturing ourselves from the inside out.

COSMIC MOVEMENT will focus on body movement and mindfulness around the planetary cycles of our Sun and Moon. These are the two powerhouse luminaries in our Zodiac, and energies everyone has experienced. The light within all of us we exude from these two forces in our everyday lives. Have you ever wondered why some days you feel to have more energy than others? Or have you ever wondered what it means to be a Leo or a Taurus? In this class we will move to the mood of Moon’s energies, which change every two-and-a-half days and find balance with the Sun as he changes his energy every month.


COSMIC MOVEMENT will prove to be a worthy class you won’t want to miss.

Please contact me to schedule your private appointment.

20 minute class = $10

30 minute class = $15

45 minute class = $20

60 minute class = $30